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Technology business news from the Southeast states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee in support of a regional Community of One.
Nashville TN: BullVC Eyes $75M Raise, Aims to Help Founders Sell Startup Shares
Posted December 03, 2020

Nashville TN: BullVC's pooled private equity fund will be industry agnostic, with priority accorded opportunities to secure minority ownership in technology-centric or -enabled companies.  
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Raleigh NC: Electric Vehicles in NC to Get a Boost from $25M Duke Energy Plan
Posted December 02, 2020

Raleigh NC: Duke Energy plans to launch EV charging stations as well as replace some diesel-powered school buses with the help of clean energy groups – plus EV charging companies.  
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South Fulton County GA: $420 Million Microsoft Data Center Planned for Palmetto
Posted December 01, 2020

South Fulton County GA: Microsoft is expected to build a $420M 250,000 square-foot data center that will create 300 to 1,000 temporary construction jobs.  
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West Palm Beach FL: V2Techs Relocates from Europe
Posted November 30, 2020

West Palm Beach FL: V2Techs, a maritime technology company competing on the electric ships market, is relocating to West Palm Beach, and the company has leased temporary space.  
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Nashville TN: TDOE Awards $700K+ for Middle School STEM Start-Up and CTE Grants
Posted November 27, 2020

Nashville TN: The Tennessee Department of Education announced over $700,000 in grants will be awarded to fund science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and CTE.  
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Houston County GA: Silicon Ranch to Invest $55M in Solar Project
Posted November 26, 2020

Houston County GA: Silicon Ranch, which is based in Nashville, is partnering with Green Power EMC to provide solar energy to more than 30 electric membership corporations in Georgia.  
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Cary NC: NFL Expands Deal with Epic’s Fortnite, eSports Rocket League
Posted November 25, 2020

Cary NC: Epic Games and the National Football League are returning the “Gridiron Gang” to Fortnite and also partnering for a soccer deal with Epic’ owned eSports Rocket League.  
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Research Triangle Park NC: Could Wearables Detect COVID-19, Other Illnesses?
Posted November 24, 2020

Research Triangle Park NC: That wearable tech device on your wrist could also detect an illness, and researchers at RTI International and device maker Garmin are going to find out.  
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Atlanta GA: Lonnie Johnson’s (Renewable) JTEC Energy Closes $1.5M+ Seed Round
Posted November 23, 2020

Atlanta GA: JTEC Energy was formed this year to commercialize the JTEC device, an invention by (Super Soaker) Dr. Lonnie Johnson that efficiently converts waste heat into electricity.  
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Durham NC: Construction Begins for Duke University’s New Quantum Computing Center
Posted November 20, 2020

Durham NC: Construction is currently underway on a 10,000-square foot expansion of Duke’s existing quantum computing center in the Chesterfield Building, a former cigarette factory.  
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Raleigh NC: Red Hat Attacks COVID-19
Posted November 18, 2020

Raleigh NC: The Hatters, which are part of IBM based in Raleigh, disclosed the new efforts working with the World Health Organization and a Canada-based artificial intelligence firm.  
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